FAQ on 7 July 2016

News abounds regarding Performing, Writing this week!

The keynote line up has changed a bit. Unfortunately, Matthew Goulish has had to pull out of the event. We are happy to announce that Judd Morrissey will be joining us as a keynote. Check out his website at http://judisdaid.org and the website of his company ATOM-r at http://atom-r.com.

We are looking forward to receiving proposals from far and near- no later than end of day 15 July NZ time please!


FAQs on 20 March 2016

Question: Where is Performing, Writing being held, how do I get there, where can I stay?

Answer:Performing, Writing will be held in Wellington, New Zealand. If you are coming from overseas, you are most likely going to need to fly via Auckland and then a short 1 hour flight to Wellington.  Take a look at the website page called "ROOM" for details on the hotel deal we have secured. If you find those rooms are all booked out, contact us at performingwriting2017@gmail.com and we can offer some good alternatives.

Question: When is it, what (roughly) is happening each day in case I can’t attend the whole time, or to tell me that it will be worth me being there for all days?

Answer: Performance Arcade will run 1-5 March 2017. We suggest that every one attending the symposium be in Wellington no later than 4 March to be a part of the Arcade event and then follow on to the rest of the symposium. It will be worth attending all days because the symposium is geared for no more than 60 people which will mean our conversations, experiences and discoveries will be as a single and somewhat intimate group compared to a large streamed conference. The way we are imagining the programme to emerge also leaves room for serendipity and maybe even unexpected (delightful) detours. Also, if you are a newcomer to Wellington, you will want to arrive at least a day early to acclimate and see the sights. It is an easy city to get around on foot.

Question: What is the general shape of each day (start and finish times, what happens for meals etc)?

Answer:The schedule for each day will be posted after the programme is developed- probably around November 2016. In general, you can expect to be attending the symposium from 9-4:30 each day and the keynotes each early evening from 6-7:30 pm. Morning and afternoon tea and lunches will be provided most days and will be catered to any special needs. Breakfast and dinner will be on your own- lots of good choices in Wellington to choose from.

Question: What might the weather be like in Wellington during the month of March?

Answer: Usually warm (22-24 C) but the best advice is to be prepared for wind, rain, heat and cold-- pack layers. Wellington is notorious for its quick weather shifts. Sunscreen and hat is a must, leave the umbrella at home, good walking shoes, casual dress as we will be out and about.

Question: When will I hear back about my proposal? What happens if/when my proposal is accepted?

Answer: We are aiming to send out notifications by early to mid August. If your proposal is accepted you have a period of time to confirm your attendance and pay for registration. After that point, we will be in contact to get a better idea of how to approach you contribution in detail.