Seminar #3:

Inhabiting the Other: Voice in Fiction

Tina Makereti

Sunday 12 March 2017, 10:00 am-12:00pm, The Pit, Te Ara Hihiko (Block 12), Massey University Wellington campus

Good fiction allows us to inhabit multiple selves, multiple characters. The best fiction allows us to inhabit an entirely different worldview, thereby showing us an entirely different world. The key to unlocking this magical ability to inhabit others in fiction is voice, but voice is not easy to define or recognise or master. Voice is the result of the combined effect of all the tools a writer engages, plus all the life, history and wairua (spirit) s/he brings to a story. It is the essential ingredient in bringing a text to life. And it cannot be taught. In this masterclass we will look at how voice works in a number of compelling texts. We’ll discuss the different elements that might contribute to our own written voices and have a go at writing exercises that might reveal them. We’ll also approach some of the trickier questions raised by the title ‘Inhabiting the Other.’ Are there any characters we can’t inhabit? Are there any cultural rules? Participants should bring writing materials, but sharing the results will not be compulsory. Mauri ora.


This seminar is limited to 30 people. Sign up on the Lil'Reggie site. A wait list will be generated if it fills to capacity.

Preparatory readings to be posted early February.