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Seminar #4:

New Poetics of Space  

Judd Morrissey


Saturday, 11 March 1:00 - 4:00pm, The Pit, Te Ara Hihiko (Block 12), Massey University Wellington campus

In this seminar, we will explore possibilities for writing in relation to space by composing texts for location-aware mobile devices. Drawing upon histories of literature, visual art and performance that engage with specific sites and navigational trajectories, we will do a series of simple exercises that utilise the sensors of our smartphones to situate language in relation to compass heading, gps position, and gesture. Participants will be introduced to contemporary forms of locative art including augmented reality (AR) and will collectively create a constellation of text for the local sky that can be viewed throughout the symposium using an iOS app for geospatial poetics.

This workshop is limited to 12 people and requires a laptop as well as a smartphone or tablet. A specific platform is not required for participation (only for viewing the final output).

Sign up on the Lil'Reggie site. A wait list will be generated if it fills to capacity. https://performing-writing-2017.lilregie.com/step1