ON Voice prompts an exploration of aurality and oral traditions including those emerging from indigenous peoples and those associated with storytelling, singing and public speaking. It is here that we welcome proposals sensitive to the voice and pitch of the writer, the reader, the speaker and the space(s) in which such elocution occurs including the immediate room, the atmosphere and/or the political, geographical or cultural climate.

Turn Four occurs at The SPCA up on Mount Victoria. Opened in 1919 to treat TB sufferers, The Fever Hospital on Mt Victoria, Wellington was later used as a chest hospital in 1973 and subsequently the home of Wellington Polytechnic's Music Dept in the late 1990s. Abandoned for over ten years, and claimed by many to be haunted, the historic building was earthquake strengthen and refurbished as the new home for Wellington SPCA including one wing that serves as an event venue with spectacular views of the city foregrounded by a green landscape riddled with walking trails. 

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This is a draft programme:

Wednesday 15 March

9:00 am: meet at the front entrance to SPCA

9:30 am: Tina Makereti keynote lecture: Writing / Performing / Identity & other such grand ideas

10:30 am: And by the way, the Cat is Dead by Kate Adams

11:00 am: tea break

11:30 am: Pitter Patter, Papā-tū-a-nuku by Cassandra Barnett

11:45 am: The Linguistic Voice:Performance, Experience, Text by Gilbert & Sophia Pearce

12:15 pm: In a Manner of Speaking by Catherine Clover

12:40- 1.30 pm: catered lunch

1:30 pm: Emergent Notions of Subjectivity and Authorship: How might we occupy the present? by Martin Patrick

2:00 pm: In Praise of Doubt: Bringing a Phenomenology of Listening to Performance Writing by Lynley Emeades

2:20 pm: The Museum of Unnatural History presents “orange you glad”

by Kevin Sparrow

2:50 pm: Afternoon tea

3:15 pm: Proprioception, Poetics, and Performance Writing

by Kelly Malone

3:50 pm: Being There by David Cross

4:15 pm: Lying down with Labradors by Mark Harvey

5:00 pm: Plenary discussion

5.30 pm: Becoming animal: walking, play,being idle, dressing, pest control and story telling by Catherine Bagnall, a performance walk from the SPCA to the Southern Cross (approximately 30 minute walk)

6.00 pm: Southern Cross for drinks and nibbles (map below)