This is a draft programme:

Turn One: ON Live at Performance Arcade, Wellington waterfront behind Te Papa and beyond

Friday 10 March

        3 - 11 pm: Performance Arcade opening event, Jen Archer-Martin begins her PW work

Saturday, 11 March

        10 am to 11 pm: Performance Arcade open

        10 am - 12 pm: Seminar #1> John Hall, Block 12/ Massey University (map to come)

        1 - 4 pm: Seminar #4> Judd Morrissey, Block 12/ Massey University (map to come)

        2 - 4 pm: Seminar #2> Esther Anatolitis, meet at Performance Arcade lawn (map to come)

Sunday, 12 March

        8:30 am - 1:00 pm: Turn 3 presenters, curators and research assistants do test run at Bats

        10 am - 11 pm: Performance Arcade open

        10 am - 12 pm: Turn 3 presenters, curators and helpers visit SPCA

        10 am - 12 pm: Seminar #3> Tina Makereti, Block 12/ Massey University (map to come)

        12:00 pm: Tim Brennan performs Wroughtings at Performance Arcade

        12:00 pm: Turn 2 presenters, helpers and curators travel to Matiu Island

        5:00 pm: Sascha Perfect performs A Cry at PA stage

        5:15 pm: Mick Douglas and Amaara Raheem perform WAKE MAKE at PA stage

        5:30 pm: Eat Your Enemy #4 I don’t want to want (Extended Version) Pt. 2:(Re-)Writing the self performed by               Janine Eisenächer

        6:30 pm: ‘Performance, Writing’: what’s that comma up to?, a keynote lecture by John Hall at City Gallery                 followed by drinks (map to come)

        8:30 pm: ATOM-R perform Kjell Theøry (A Prologue in 4 Turns) at Performance Arcade

        Performance Arcade closes up temporarily

Thursday 16 March

        10 am - 11 pm Performance Arcade resumes

Sunday 19 March

        Performance Arcade closes late afternoon