ON Score asks us to consider a shifting spectrum between the singularity of the script and the plurality of the score, challenging the relationship between the written, inscribed, or etched, and the performed, live, or imagined. The situation of a black box theatre at Bats Theatre offers an intimate acoustic range and potential friction to the differentiation between live art and theatre. It is an opportunity to test the limits of the theatre space's interior contours, audience-performer relationships, and the affective qualities of darkness. 

Turn Three is situated at BATS Theatre, a venue for the development of new theatre practitioners and plays in New Zealand. With three recently renovated performance spaces, it is located in the central city of the country's capital, Wellington.

For a history of Bats Theatre see https://bats.co.nz/about-bats/the-bats-story/history/

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This is a draft programme:

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

8:30 am: all Turn Three curators, research assistants and Turn Three presenters arrive at Bats (map below)

9:00 am: Welcome

9:15 am: Dirty Edges and Clean Lines by Lisa Munnelly

10:00 am: Wordings: The Body Writing by Alice Lewis

11:00 am: Blackout. Thinking with darkness by Theron Schmidt

11:45 am: call by Mick Douglas

12:15-1:30 pm: Lunch in Courtenay place on your own

1:30 pm: A Thin Place by Caroline Wright

2:00 pm: in-residence by Amaara Raheem

2:45 pm: The Thing That Is What a Circle Is by David Hall

3:30 pm: She writes like she dances by Jo Pollitt

4:15 pm: The Mutable Score: writing and performance by Jessica Worden

4:45 pm: No Context: Curatorial Writing & Contemporary Dance by Victoria Mohr-Blakeney

5:15 pm: depart Bats for Massey University (15-20 min walk)

6:30 pm: Place taking Place: Performative Writing by Judd Morrissey, a keynote lecture at 10A02/ Museum Building, Massey University (map to come)

Dinner on your own


Map to Bats Theatre

 Map to Keynote Lecture at 10A02 Museum Building, Massey University

Map to Keynote Lecture at 10A02 Museum Building, Massey University