ON Site questions the nature of the relationship between performance writing and place, traversing territories that may include site-specific works, works about place, or narratives around journeys between places. This day of the symposium is an excursion to Matiu Island (also known as Somes Island), an island in the middle of the Wellington Harbour rich in New Zealand cultural, geographical and geological history. Matiu island raises notions of islandness and pries open concern for ownership and stewardship, migrancy and transience, internment, bio-security and environmental heritage, belonging and outcast. It offers a space for us to distinguish what site-specific, site-situated and site-responsive are in practices of performance and writing. Significant to note is that the island was recently returned back to Taranaki Whānui as a part of a Treaty settlement. Performing, Writing is grateful for the guidance, wisdom and participation that Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika have offered in shaping our island experience. 

For more detailed information on the island's history and recent transfer of ownership, refer to http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/wellington-kapiti/places/matiu-somes-island/.


This is a provisional programme:

Turn Two: ON Site at Matiu Island

Monday, 13 March 2017

        9:00 am: all meet at East West Ferry launch at Queens Wharf

        9:10 am: Claudia Kappenberg performance

        9:25 am: take ferry to Matiu/ Somes Island

        9:50 am: arrive island, biosecurity (in two groups)

        10:30 - 11:30 am: mihi whakatau

        12:00 - 12:30 am: gather at care taker's cottage

        food and drink available through out the afternoon at the cottage

        12:30 pm: performance series begins and runs throughout the afternoon

             Performances by: Angela Kilford + Aliyah Winter, Julieanna Preston, Sally J.              Morgan + Jess Richards, Malcolm Doidge, Steve Dutton + Annie Morrad, Philip                Stanier, Joanne Paterson Kinniburgh + Shauna Janssen, Sascha Perfect

        3:00 pm: Group One (approx 15 people) make way to wharf

        3:25 pm: first return ride to Wellington (TK, Joshua, Lisa and up to 12 other           attendees), arrive in Wellington at 3:30pm

        3:30 pm: pack up food and supplies/ tidy up cottage

        4:25 pm: all remaining attendees take second ferry

        4:50 pm: second ferry arrives at Queens Wharf, taxi to Massey

        5:30 pm: Manhire + Meehan performance at 10A02 Museum Building lecture theatre,         Massey University (map to come), suggest arrive no later than 5:15 pm.

        6:25 pm: doors open to the public

        6:30 pm: Esther Anatolitis keynote Lecture at 10A02 Museum Building lecture             theatre, Massey University

        Dinner on your own


Map to East West Ferry Launch      

Map to East West Ferry Launch